Our International Projects

Our international projects are colored with High Education Standards in instruction and research; characterized with involvement of diverse students population, women, and minorities; empowers working together with people with disabilities mainly through means of distance learning; and use Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance international services coverage and relevancy.

Sapir College committed to provide its graduates with the highest proficiency level which is required for successful integration in today’s global world.  This is done by collaborating with academic institutions from Israel and around the world, introducing international programs, conducting international research and developing joint academic disciplines. In this framework, Sapir is an active participant of the “Tempus /Erasmus+” program.

2.1. EFA

EFA - English for all in Academia

The goal of TEMPUS EFA is to improve the English language proficiency among students and simulate a study abroad experience. The global program focuses on how to acquire effective communication skills in English, which will improve students’ competitive advantage in the work field and enhance students’ integration in the global work environment. The project was ended in 2010 and until these days the material that were conducted in this project are being use.

DOIT- Development of an International Model for Curricular and Training

This is unique projects who attend to develop an international model for curricular reform in multicultural education and cultural diversity training. We were involved in this project between the years 2012-2015. It aim was to train teachers in cultural diversity, to develop educational programs which will promote pluralistic values, leadership based on mutual respect and understanding. We aspired to enhance attitudes of tolerance and coexistence among different cultural, ethnic, religious and secular groups in Israel.

In this project, Sapir team was in charge on the development process of online portal environment for DOIT partners in order to communicate. It was with capabilities such as  communicate, documentation, reporting system, share teaching materials, photo and documents, calendar and remainder possibility, building online newsletter,  and many more options. Between our partners were Georgia, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Estonia and Brazil.

2.4. IRIS

IRIS - Fostering Academic International Relations in Israeli Colleges

In 2012 we decide to collaborate with more Israeli institutions in order to conduct fostering academic international relations in Israeli Colleges toward promoting higher education, research and innovation while submitting impact with the internationalization approach. Moreover, the consortium had to conduct an international relation office (IRO) that could centralize the international activities in any institution. Among our partners there are Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands.

By participating in IRIS project we could promote the internationalization process such as collaborating with institutions from abroad, strengthening the capacity of international research and more. In this project, Sapir College was leading of the sustainability aspect. We had to conduct a sustainability strategic work plan that all the consortium partners would have to follow by. In this strategic plan, Sapir team was leading the development of online technological environment for the IRO, several mentoring kit for senior management, administrative staff and academic.

IDEA - Inter Disciplinary Education Aganda

The purpose of this project was to improve the exploitation of new knowledge integration in the interdisciplinary area of Engineering Design and Business. This project was conducted only for higher education institutes in order to raise the innovation in the institution as well as academically-industry relations. There for the project title “Integration in the interdisciplinary area of Engineering, Design and Business”. Sapir team decided to collaborate with the country Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany in order to succeed in this project. The project period was between the years 2015-2015.


Sapir was in charge on developing a new course for innovation thinking tools. A group of excellent student received the opportunity to attend this course and in the end to travel to Valencia, Spain for two weeks of workshop for exchanging knowledge between a groups of student from Valencia University. Also, Sapir team was in charge of the technological tools for the dissemination of this project. We developed open site in order to share all the achievement of our partners in this project and portal internet system for communication of the partners, to share the courses and for the use as a teaching platform for the students in this project.

2.3. IDEA
2.5. SSDS

SSDS - Students Support and Development Services

SSDS project was created in order to establish SSO (student services office) in higher education institutions from GE/KZ/KG/AZ/IL. With this project and the leading of Dr. Hanan Maoz we develop and establish an SSO who centralize all the services that address the alumni and students requiems such as mobility counselling, career planning, medicals options in the campus and more.

Further, Sapir SSO develops a technological online services catalog system for the alumni and students. This online catalog was implementing in three institutions in Kyrgyzstan for pilot and in these days the SSO working on version beta. The SSO consistently looking for additional opportunity to learn new services for the benefit of the students and alumni. Moreover, for implementation opportunities among other institutions.

LLAF - Lifelong Learning in Applied Fields

The LLAF project, focus on lifelong learning in applied fields such as health care, teacher training and communications. In Sapir College, we choose to focus on learning to know and learning to do. In the learning to do area, our senior lecturer acquired new teaching methods in order to use in their lessons. In the area of learning to know, with the cooperation of Dr. Hanan Maoz and the Sapir IPO team we conduct a technological system for lifelong learning of students. Between our partners in this project whom were active part are Spain, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Portugal and Italy.


EMAIL III - Mobility between EU and Israel

This is one of our mobility programs that allow Sapir College students and staff to experience in learning abroad, to learn from incoming lecturer, have workshops abroad and many more international activities. Whiten this program Sapir College students and staff can have mobility opportunities to the EU country that are part of the consortium in this project such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Ireland and Spain.