Our mission is to implement and conduct international policy and programs for initiating new partnerships within Europe, Asia and America in order to fulfill our vision. We commit ourselves to promote and strengthen the internationalization of Sapir College, to be the providers of ICT strategies and services, to facilitate access to new opportunities of education and training to achieve the key competencies necessary to live in a competitive knowledge-based society.


Our vision is to foster international partnerships for transformative global opportunities. We aspire to achieve this by mobility and research programs that will enhance both staff and student capabilities. Furthermore, we are committed to create a learning environment – (I’m not crazy about international atmosphere) in the college in order to ensure that Sapir College is recognized as an international leader in creativity, innovation and high quality institution for learning, teaching, research and enterprise.

Our Values

We value being a major contributor to the innovative and creative thinking of the institution while fostering critical thought

We value education in all forms, entrepreneurship, growth experiences and students’ personal development and transformation.

We value openness in knowledge sharing of our work results and achievements.

We value internationalization as a premier state in every aspect of our work.


Our Team




Our Researchers


Our Partners

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